Seamlessly combining world-class physics, next-generation graphics and a huge range of features and training modes - including over 100 highly detailed models and full worldwide internet multiplayer

Phoenix takes model aircraft simulation to a whole new level of realism


Developed and approved by former British Champions, Industry professionals and 3D master fliers for maximum performance, accuracy and realism - straight from the box


Based on a truly next-generation graphics engine, Phoenix features over 100 highly detailed models, accurate sunlight behaviour, environmental reflections, soft shadows, sun-bloom, realistic smoke effects and trails. Flying sites with water feature fully moving water effects with 3D ripples and model reflections.



Our dynamic training and competition modes - including hover, prop-hanging and autorotation, balloon bursting and streamer combat - will help you improve your flying skills faster than ever before. Fly with and learn from other pilots across the world with our Full Internet Multiplayer mode






Phoenix RC Professional Model Flight Simulator

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Phoenix V5.5 w/ DXe Mode 2 Combo


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