Freewing Mini F-35 "Lightning II" - Super Fast 64mm EDF Jet. (ARF)
Complete with Li-Po Battery for FREE!!

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Freewing Mini F-35 "Lightning II" - Super Fast 64mm EDF Jet. (ARF)

This mini F-35 from Freewing is one of the most exhilarating little airplanes to fly! Once you get it in the air you will be amazed by the stock top speed which is much faster than any other stock 64mm EDF jet we've seen so far. Unlike some other planes this little F-35 handles like its on rails when its going flat out. Verticals are very nearly unlimited and the roll rate is fantastic with the delta wing setup.

This little plane is definitely a head turner! Hand launching is no problem at half throttle - just give it a firm and level throw and you're away! Landing on the belly is no issue just come in low, cut the throttle and glide on down. Make sure you set your high and low rates appropriately!

We recommend an intermediate to experienced pilot as this is an incredibly fast little plane and because you need to have nimble fingers and quick reflexes.
As per usual Freewing have included a good quality 2 part clear epoxy to build the kit with, so really all you need to complete this plane is your radio gear and a 3s LiPo battery charger.


  • Wingspan: 590mm
  • Length: 700mm
  • Flying Weight: 400g (14.1 oz)
  • Drive System: 14L brushless inrunner 3900kv
  • EDF Diameter: 64mm
  • Servo: 9g x 2
  • ESC: 25A
  • Battery: 1300mAh 3s 15C LiPo (Lithium Polymer)


  • Small size - easy to keep in the car for a quick fly
  • Simple to build, only 2 servos to connect
  • Strong EPS foam construction
  • EPS foam easy to repair
  • Great colour scheme and factory applied decals
  • Hand holds on belly for each hand launching
  • INCREDIBLE TOP SPEED - easily the fastest 64mm jet we have
  • Great low speed handling as well
  • Includes either a British or USA flag decal

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