Lanxiang SR71 Blackbird Twin 64mm EDF Super Jet - ARF

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SR71 Blackbird Twin 64mm EDF Super Jet - ARF

Own the worlds fastest Jet Today!!, What a Machine.

The SR-71 Blackbird is beautifully finished and well detailed twin EDF jet. not your typical foamie! Without a doubt this will be the pride and joy of your flying fleet.
Comes with a powerful 3500kv twin EDF power system run by 2 30A ESCs. The SR-71 is 97% pre assembled, including all the servos and retract landing gears. Just glue the wings and vertical stabalizers and your ready to go!

Powerful brushless electric ducted fans (EDF)
Able to reach speeds of more than 120km/h
Stable inverted & aerobatic flight
Excellent stability in nosing up or down
Controllable nose landing gear, easy to fly
Complete with retract system
Well detailed and painted.
**Complete Retract System**

Length : 1182mm
Wing Span: 738mm
Flying Weight: 1150g
Servo: 5x9g
Motor: 2 x 3500kv Powerful Brushless Outrunner
ESC: 2 x 30A
Duct fan: 2 x 64mm

As an Extra Bonus we have included a FREE 4S 14.8v 2200mAh Li-Po Battery (instead of the previous 11.1v 3S 2500mAh)


Name : Harry
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Title :
Review : Very Dissapionting. Kit is cheaply made out of crap foam material. Doesn't fly well on 4s 2200mah. maybe in a few years when batteries and edf are more powerful on smaller batteries. i tried to upgrade to bigger fans and battery, but got to heavy. It's such a shame, I love the Blackbird and was looking forward to having one of my own, but not this one. Would not recommend to anyone.

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