Freewing F-16 90mm EDF PnP W/Afterburner **POWER-EDITION**

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Freewing F-16 90mm EDF PnP W/Afterburner

The F-16 Fighting Falcon is a multi-purpose fighter aircraft originally developed by General Dynamics for the USAF and is produced by Lockheed Martin since 1993. The F-16 was initially designed only as a lightweight fighter, however due to the high demand, it has been developed as an all-weather multirole fighter. Since the start of the F-16 series production in 1976 over 4500 aircraft have been built. The F-16 will remain in production after the current orders until at least 2017.

The description of the Freewing Scale Model reads like a list of the "absolute best EDF highlights" in one single EDF Jet kit. Sprung full metal under-carriage, L.E.D NAV lighting, afterburner simulation L.E.D Lighting Ring, 90mm ducted fan with 12 blades, Genuine Hobbywing 130A ESC controller ... The list goes on and one.

 The model makes a top visual impression straight off the bat, thanks to the many small and large details that can be discovered over the Fuselage. The entire armament of the original F-16 has been carefully reproduced and can be easily installed using magnets and to attach and remove when required. The cockpit was scaled and re-created in amazing detail, even the landing lights are extremely governed by their own L.E.D Controller.

The intake has been carefully designed for maximum air flow through to the high performance EDF Fan in the rear. The 90mm Impeller with aluminum housing has a 12-Blade high-performance rotor and is driven by 1550kv brushless motor. The built-130A controller has an external 8A BEC for reliability. The under carriage is a technical masterpiece. All CNC Aluminum, spring loaded, with the same dynamics as the original full scale plane. The gear doors are actuated by servos and controlled by an internal Gear and Door sequencer module.

Finally a true F-16 EDF Jet has been introduced to the market to meet the scale and performance requirements people have long been waiting for out of the box. And to have more than a 1:1 Thrust ratio, it's one brilliant model both on the ground and in the air. Be the envy at your local field and get your hands on the new Freewing F-16 90mm Super Jet today, the journey is about to begin.
12-blade impeller with inrunner motor POWER EDITION of the F-16 has even more power!


Specifications / Kit includes:

     Wingspan: 960mm
     Overall length: 1520mm
     Motor: 1550kv
     Controller: Hobbywing 130A controller with 8A BEC
     Weight: 3600g
     Suspension: CNC Scale Retracts
     Battery: 22.2V 5000mAh LiPo suitable for 35c (Required)
    Operating Instructions: In English

The following items are NOT included in the purchase price:

     Radio Control: 6Ch
     Charger: LiPo
     LiPo Battery: 5000mAh 6S 35c
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