Freewing F-104 Starfighter 70mm EDF PnP 6S
6S Upgrade Version

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FREEWING 70mm F-104 Starfighter 6S Upgrade Version

The Lockheed F-104 Starfighter is a single-engine, supersonic interceptor aircraft originally developed by Lockheed for the United States Air Force (USAF). One of the Century Series of aircraft, it was operated by the air forces of more than a dozen nations from 1958 to 2004. Its design team was led by Kelly Johnson, who went on to lead or contribute to the development of the SR-71 Blackbird and other Lockheed aircraft.

The F-104 served with the USAF from 1958 until 1969, and continued with Air National Guard units until 1975. The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) flew a small mixed fleet of F-104 types in supersonic flight tests and spaceflight programs until 1994. USAF F-104Cs saw service during the Vietnam War, and F-104A aircraft were deployed by Pakistan briefly during the Indo-Pakistani wars. Republic of China Air Force (Taiwan) F-104s also engaged the People's Liberation Army Air Force (China) over the disputed island of Quemoy. The operational service of the Starfighter ended with its retirement by the Italian Air Force in May 2004.

Freewing have re-produced this model in fantastic detail, from the Sleek Scale paint Scheme to the Buzz of the 6 Bladed 70mm Deluxe EDF Fan, nothing will bring a greater joy to your flying day than this F-104 Starfighter. With Enhanced Metal Trunion Worm Drive Electric Retracts this jet will Take-off and land perfectly from Grass Strips and will rotate under its own direct power within 50 Meters. The use of Flaps will slow this Bullet to a clean landing speed of around 30Kph, and with a simple push of the Throttle this monster has the power and ability to climb out of any manoeuvrer without effort.
This jet is Freewings latest and greatest and shows in all aspects from the packing in the carton to the easy to follow instruction set. All linkages, clevises, Servos, ESC, Fan, Retracts etc are all factory installed and QC'd to make sure the kit you get will be perfect first time / every time. Suited for the moderate to expert R/C Pilot, this jet belongs in your hangar. Due this August at Xtreme Hobby, be one of the first in the world to own this awesome machine.


Wingspan: 656mm
Overall Length:1403mm
Servo: 9gx6pcs (PNP)
Battery: 22.2v 2600mAh-4200mAh 30c Li-Po (Required) 
Speed Controller: Hobbywing 60A
Motor Size: 2849-2200Kv
EDF Fan: 70mm 6 Bladed Balanced Fan
Flying Weight:1300g
Retracts: Worm Drive Electric Retracts
Radio Required: 6ch

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