Spektrum AR7700 7Ch Serial Receiver DSMX

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The AR7700’s seamless, one-wire connection and multiple output options make it easy to use a Spektrum radio system with the most popular multi-rotor flight controllers. A remote receiver is included.
  • Compatible with popular multi-rotor flight controllers
  • Requires just one connector from receiver to controller
  • Three connection options: Serial (SRXL), PPM and Remote Receiver
  • Small, lightweight and easy to install
  • Up to 8 channels with PPM connection
  • Access to 8 or more channels with SRXL and Remote Receiver connections
  • 2 Aux ports, 1 Gear port
  • Compatible with DSM2® and DSMX® transmitters

The AR7700 makes it easy to use a Spektrum radio system with almost any multi-rotor platform. 

Three Output Options. One Connector. 

The AR7700 is compatible with many of the most popular flight controllers and gives users three connection options to choose from: Serial (SRXL), PPM and Remote Receiver. Just plug a single connector into the receiver port that supports the option you want to use and connect it to your flight controller. 

Broad Compatibility 

The AR7700 will work with these and many other multi-rotor flight controllers:

APM 2.6: PPM 
BrainFPV: PPM, DSM (SRXL or Remote Receiver) 
CC3D: PPM, DSM (SRXL or Remote Receiver) 
Crius AIO: PPM 
Flip32: PPM 
KK2.1.5: PPM 
Multiwii SE 2.5: PPM 
Naza M Lite: PPM 
Naza M V2: PPM 
Naze32 Acro: PPM, DSM (SRXL or Remote Receiver) 
Quanton: PPM, DSM (SRXL or Remote Receiver) 
Revo: PPM, DSM (SRXL or Remote Receiver) 
Sparky: PPM, DSM (SRXL or Remote Receiver) 
SP Racing F3: PPM, DSM (SRXL or Remote Receiver)

Access to All Your Channels 

When using the SRXL and Remote Receiver connections, the AR7700 will allow you to tap into as many channels as your transmitter can support. The PPM connection can support up to 8 channels. 

Remote Receiver Included 

A small remote receiver is included for larger multi-rotor applications that could use the redundancy and path diversity of patented MultiLink™ technology. By mounting the remote receiver away from the main receiver with a different antenna orientation, the odds of experiencing signal fade from signal reflection or antenna polarization are substantially reduced.


Serial receiver
# of Channels
8–18 depending on mode of operation
1.17 in (29.8mm)
1.15 in (29.3mm)
0.45 in (11.5mm)
0.32 oz (9.15g); 0.49 oz (13.75g) with remote receiver
Voltage Range
Antenna Length
6.97 in (177mm)
Experience Level
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